Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Internal Landscapes

I cannot believe that summer is actually withering away and autumn is already eager to take its place! I can already smell the difference in the afternoon air and I cannot help but crave for hot teas, rain and red leaves.

While many ran towards the seaside trying to catch that last glimmer of sun, I headed north towards the Carpathian forests in hope of finding that dearly missed feeling of sluggishness. 

I spent the whole week in the obscure absence of technology, reading my hours away in perfect harmony with the woods.

Sadly, the dream faded last night when I arrived in the big city and a flood of lights, people and cars swept me into realizing how many time-consuming errands I need to run this week.

(I told you that t-shirt is going to be my second skin for months to come haha)

I hope you are all well and you are anticipating the chilly days of September!  

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

She always wears black...

Since I can no longer claim that the act of breathing in the city is possible, mainly due to all this summer heat, I decided to lay back and assemble terribly minimalistic outfits in order to survive. As most of you already know, wearing black during a hot day is no for the weak, and I stubbornly refuse to change my habits just because of… well, practically because purgatory opened its gates and unleashed melting fire upon the world. 
(I may be exaggerating a bit, but then again, maybe I’m not! :P)

It was a great opportunity for me to unleash my own hell by tossing my coin at different shops in order to acquire more garments!

This particular t-shirt is one my favorite new purchases and I believe that I will shed this new skin by the time autumn decides to quench the smoldering city! The wish-list continues to increase with each passing day and I must go through an immense effort to attempt to subdue those capitalistic tendencies that all of us know oh, too well!

Have you guys been able to tame the spending fiend inside?

                 Dress                                          T-shirt                                                  Blouse

Monday, August 3, 2015

In the moonlight pale someone made me smile.

This weekend has taken its toll on me, but I must admit that I had the best of times in the most unexpected circumstances! Wednesday was the day that we decided that we should leave all buts and maybes behind and hit the road to Sibiu, a wonderful medieval town of Romania. I never had the chance to visit it before and this was the perfect opportunity, since a band that holds a special place in my heart played on the night of 31st of July.

The road was hard and long but we managed to get there just when the sun shined its last rays upon the old buildings. I once said that my favorite town in Romania is Brasov, but I might have slightly changed my mind since I laid eyes upon Sibiu.
The roads are narrow, the buildings are alluring and no matter how hard I tried to hurry to the concert, I could not help but stop every now and then to snap a picture. I will definitely visit again and spend hours strolling through the streets and taking in that unique atmosphere!

The band I mentioned is Anathema and they gave us a wonderful memory to hold on to. Words are limited when it comes to notes and feelings and I cannot hope to deliver the aura of the night in this post. 

If you want, you can take a glimpse of the concert here: Video